Internationally acclaimed Charlie Bouquett is a multi talented cabaret artist and award nominated showgirl who has toured the world twice over, Astonishing and enchanting audiences with her performances

    from New Orleans to New Delhi, Moscow to Monaco and beyond.


    She has been described as a  "true burlesque beauty with a dark and dangerous twist" but you need only know her as the next best act you’ll see this year. Specialising in burlesque, cabaret, circus sideshow, fire and fetish shows, her "effortlessly elegant" performances blur the lines between pain and pleasure that will leave you questioning the true essence of your own deepest desires.

    She has toured her shows all over the world, performing at some of the most glamorous and spectacular events, some events so exclusive that shes been sworn to secrecy, never to reveal a peep!

    Skills include:

    - Classical burlesque -

    - alternative burlesque - 
    - Fire eating -
    - fire fan dancing - 

    - magic fire cauldron - 

    - lyco fire - 

    - flaming tassels - 
    - circus sideshow - 
    (Bed of nails, human blockhead, nasal flossing)

    - Glass Walking - 

    - Needles & stapling - 
    - Fetish & wax pouring -

    -LED/UV -
    - Walkabout characters - 

    ★ ★ ★ ★

    "in-your-face funny and sexy"
    - time out 


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